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    A few days ago, I had the pleasure to travel to Milan with the Revolve team for a short getaway filled with beautiful visits of the city, lots of pasta eating, wine drinking (probably too much in fact) and endless night time conversations… What more can you ask of a stay in Italy. It felt […]

  • ICE

    Ciao everyone. A little article today to share with you a new editorial I’ve had the pleasure to work on together with my baby Cibelle Levi for Chopard’s beautiful and modern Ice Cube jewelry line. I’ve had so much luck to work with the brand for so many years and witness their beautiful evolution in […]


    Welcome everyone to the new age of Kayture. I am calling it the Dark Age, not only for it’s brand new black layout, but also for it’s new age of emancipation. I will explain further bellow but before that I have to express how proud I am of this re-launch as we’ve been working on […]


    My sweet loves… I hope you are doing well, it’s been a while since I last sat and laid down a few lines. And I missed it so much. So I’m back. Time has been rich and busy, intense then tranquil, changing incessantly as it always does. I’ve been working like a mad horse, focusing […]


    Hello everyone, hope you are all having an absolutely beautiful week. I am back here today to share with you some brand new content that I’ve had the tremendous pleasure creating a few weeks ago while in Los Angeles with Cartier for the launch of one of their newest icons. So as part of a […]


    Well, it has been less than a month and here I am popping for you not one, not two, but yes 4 articles in April. I have to say, I am kind of proud! As you all know, I’ve been taking some time off the blog to focus on music but writing has always remained […]


      Hi from sunny California. I hope all of you guys are well and enjoying the delicate rays of spring sun light and getting physically and mentally prepared for summer approaching. My friends and I just got back home after a wild Coachella week-end where all we did was dance, sing and just simply, enjoy. […]


    Golden-winged, silver-winged, Winged with flashing flame, Such a flight of birds I saw, Birds without a name: Singing songs in their own tongue (Song of songs) they came. One to another calling, Each answering each, One to another calling In their proper speech High above my head they wheeled, Far out of reach. On wings […]

  • LOLA

    Well, it’s been a while. To say the least! I do feel like I explained my periodic absence on the blog longly in previous articles, but it’s always a bittersweet feeling. Coming back, laying my fingers on the keyboard and just writing down these words straight open to you all always felt so good. And […]


      Tokyo, Tokyo… Oh my god. Where do I even begin? You guys can witness my traveling experiences all the time through social media but the fact is, I am very much used to business trips which trust me differ completely from leisure trips. When you travel with a brand for a project, every minute of […]